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Capturing Content for the Extreme Mount Washington Museum

Last December, I spent almost the entire month in New Hampshire on the top of Mount Washington, the home of the world’s worst weather. I was hired to shoot wintery, interactive content for the newly updated “Extreme Mount Washington” summit museum set to open spring 2014. The idea was to capture the extreme winter environment, […]

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Vinten Vision Blue Tripod System Review

I am a tripod snob and I am very picky with fluid pan heads. The tripod pan and tilt head is the most important part of the camera chain, in my opinion. If I put it all together in order of importance I would say, one tripod, two camera, three lens, and four viewfinder. Of […]

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The Long Journey (of a slug)

I am back home in Boston after an epic nine day adventure in the Pacific Northwest and in Whistler BC Canada. Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing a few short films I shot while on my vacation. This is the first installment. It has been way too long since I have shot […]

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Creepy Crawlies

I bought the Canon MP-E 65mm f2.8 manual 1-5x macro lens a month ago and today was the first time I had a chance to try it out. The lens is $1000.00 and it is a specialty lens. It is good for only one thing, macro photos and video (using Letus DOF adapters or a […]

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Water and Light

This short video is a small sample of the stock footage I am shooting for Digital Juice. I hiked my Vinten Vision 3 tripod, Vinten baby legs, 10 feet of PVC dolly track, my 2ftx2ft skateboard dolly, the Canon 5dmk2 DSLR with matte box and three filters, Zoom h4 audio recorder and a bag of […]

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Golden Hour

This is just a quick film I shot today during sunset at Ashland State Park in Massachusetts. I wanted to try out my new Red Rock Micro matte box, 4×5.65 glass filters and my new follow focus. All this stuff added a lot of weight to my EX1 and Letus so hiking it around is […]

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New Hampshire Falls

Take a relaxing journey through some of the most pristine waterfalls in remote northern New Hampshire. Behind the scenes photo blog and details about the home made pvc skateboard wheel dolly used in this film: Click Here. Shot and edited by Tom Guilmette Music composed by Tom Salta and Alec Harrison Music produced by Tom […]

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Making of New Hampshire Falls

Looking for the “New Hampshire Falls” Film? Click here to watch it. I love the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I enjoy hiking in the remote wilderness of the northeastern part of the United States. I push my mountain bike into the hills and ride the single track to the base of the mountains in […]

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Champney Falls

Champney Falls is one of my favorite places to go as I explore and find adventure in New Hampshire. Located off the Kancamagus Highway (RT 112) in Albany, NH, the falls drop about thirty five feet in a narrow canyon. When I was younger, I climbed these granite walls. The cascade is about one hundred […]

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Screaming Swamp

This video is different from all the other Letus videos I have ever made for my website. This video was shot with the Letus Ultimate 35mm lens adapter. It works brilliantly and I am very happy that I have it. I was a little worried using it so close to the waters edge, this one […]

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Arizona Cactus

I am visiting my sister and her husband in Tucson, Arizona. I will be working on a job later this week, but in the meantime, I am running around the desert shooting the crazy stuff that grows here. We do not have spiky cactus in New England! I am using the Sony PMW-EX1 with the […]

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I am working with an aquarium shop shooting footage for possible future commercials to promote the business. I am using the Sony PMW-EX1 with the Letus Extreme 35mm lens adapter. I grabbed a few shots off the time line and set them to music. All of these shots were color graded with Magic Bullet Looks […]

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