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The Phantom HD GOLD High Speed Camera – Video Blog & Download Footage

UPDATE: 1/7/11 I have a Phantom v640 .cine raw file at the bottom of this blog for download. This file was shot on a Phantom that was not working properly until a firmware patch was applied. You will notice a large “plume” in the center of the frame. This file is for demonstration and testing […]

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Aaron Chase 718 Frames per Second Dirt Jump Sequence – Fastec Imaging

I just got back from Highland Mountain Bike Park in Northfield, New Hampshire. The place is about five miles off exit 19 on RT 93 and it is less than 2 hours north of Boston. If you like to downhill mountain bike or BMX, this is the place to go. In fact, it reminded me […]

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Maverik Lacrosse “spoof” Commercial – Fastec Imaging

I had some fun with the Fastec Imaging HiSpec2 color hi speed camera shooting a “fake” lacrosse commercial. The commercial was a copy of the Paul Rabil 111 MPH spot that my buddy Dave sent me on YouTube. It looked as if the real commercial, shot by Maverik Films New York, was captured using a […]

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Water at 718 Frames Per Second with Fastec Imaging Cameras

I have been testing out a HiSPEC2 camera from Fastec Imaging that shoots crazy fast frame rates at 720p 16:9. The camera is a small cube with a Nikon mount. It is powered by a 12 volt battery using an inverter and I must have a PC laptop tethered to it at all times to […]

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Fastec Imaging High Speed Fun – Lacrosse Test 718 Frames Per Second Hi Speed Camera Test

I am having a lot of fun up in New Hampshire testing out a high speed camera. The camera is not very easy to shoot with, no viewfinder, very shallow depth of field and requires a lot of light. Plus, you must have a laptop connected to it at all times! But I love a […]

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Shooting Bruins Hockey with High Speed NAC Memrecam at 300 Frames Per Second

First of all, sorry for the quality of the blog pictures! I had to use my Blackberry. I was not ready to take photos for my website at the Bruins a few days ago. I was also not ready for the news that I would be experimenting with a $400,000.00 camera system! I thought I […]

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Casio EX FC150 Camera – The Poor Man’s High Speed Phantom

A lot of cameras can shoot “time lapse”, but few can shoot “time warp”. That is what the Discovery Channel people like to call it when using digital technology to slow down a high speed event and make the invisible, visible. I purchased a small Casio point and shoot camera to replace my beat up […]

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