Letus Mini 35mm Lens Adapter on Sony SR11 – Video Blog and Quick Review

I have used the Letus Extreme, Elite and Ultimate 35mm lens adapters. I use them almost everyday in the Boston area for broadcast television, features for sports and sit down interviews for documentaries. I am very happy with them and until now, I had never tried the Letus Mini. I borrowed a Mini from a […]

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Whole Life Therapy Program

This was my second project with Shake-A-Leg, the non-profit organization out of Newport, Rhode Island. Shake-A-Leg comes to the aid of disabled people of all ages and works to gain them independence and also helps them to adapt and overcome obstacles in society. This video documents the Shake-A-Leg Whole Life Therapy Program that takes place […]

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Friends Academy

Friends Academy is a grade K-8 private school located in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. This video was put together to be packaged as a DVD with the school’s viewbook to be mailed out to parents around New England. The video was designed to help them decide if Friends Academy would be right for their child. Two […]

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Uncle Ned’s Fish Factory

Located in a small Massachusetts town, Uncle Ned’s is a unique aquarium shop. They specialize in the rare and hard to find fish and plants. Two brothers run the place and every time I visit the shop, I see something new or wonder “what is that smell”. When I leave, I think about Ebola or […]

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Shake Sailing Regatta

A non-profit organization out of Newport, Rhode Island asked me to cover their annual sailing regatta on Narragansett Bay. Shake-A-Leg comes to the aid of disabled people of all ages and works to gain them independence and also helps them to adapt and overcome obstacles in society. This 14th annual regatta is part of Shake-A-Legs […]

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The Warehouse Short Film

I went back to the old warehouse by my home, this time with three other people. I had to shoot a short film here, with actors. “Left for Dead”, a short I shot alone here, just was not good enough. It was visual, but it held little story or substance. So we made a short […]

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Champney Falls

Champney Falls is one of my favorite places to go as I explore and find adventure in New Hampshire. Located off the Kancamagus Highway (RT 112) in Albany, NH, the falls drop about thirty five feet in a narrow canyon. When I was younger, I climbed these granite walls. The cascade is about one hundred […]

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Sony HDR-SR11 Camcorder

UPDATE: 2/19/09 – This camera has been discontinued! The new replacement for this camera looks to be far better. It is the HDR-XR500V. You can find it at B & H by clicking here. I took a few hours today to put this together. I hope it helps someone out there make a decision on […]

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Left For Dead

This short film was my first attempt with the Letus35 Extreme film lens adapter. It was shot at an abandoned warehouse near my home. I had always wanted to shoot a film here ever since I found it while mountain biking several years ago. The place was a disaster. The walls were covered with vines, […]

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Cheryl Slomkowski

I was asked to produce, shoot and edit a DVD project for a woman in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The purpose of this DVD was to be sent in with a portfolio for a modeling career after the age of 40. It had to be exactly 3 minutes long. Cheryl entered a contest put on by […]

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Three Hour Lunch

I bought six new lenses and put two of them to the test in this short film. I shot this durning my extended lunch break after I was finished setting up network TV for the Bruins game at the TD Bank North Garden in Boston. I then took my Sony Z1U with the Letus35 Extreme […]

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Letus Tester – First shots ever

This short video was shot just outside with my new Letus Extreme 35 mm lens adapter. I attached the Letus to my Sony HDR-Z1U camcorder. I put this together in about a half an hour. I did not use a tripod. I will next time, this was just a test. I am so busy at […]

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