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35mm Lens Adapter

Golden Hour

This is just a quick film I shot today during sunset at Ashland State Park in Massachusetts. I wanted to try out my new Red Rock Micro matte box, 4×5.65 glass filters and my new follow focus. All this stuff added a lot of weight to my EX1 and Letus so hiking it around is […]

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JAG35 Pro with Magnet Flip on Sony SR11

Having trouble watching this video? Try viewing at on Vimeo by clicking here. This is my second review for the JAG35 Pro. I like this adapter a lot for the low price tag. It works very well on my Sony HDR-SR11. In this review, I talk about how you can use magnets from a Blackberry […]

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Inexpensive JAG35 Pro Depth of Field Adapter

I really like the $400 JAG35 Pro depth of field adapter. I am testing it out on my Sony HDR-SR11 and the results speak for themselves. All of the audio was recorded off the SR11’s camera mic while the JAG was vibrating! It is very quiet! This adapter does have limitations and you should understand […]

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JAG35 Film Lens Adapter and Sony SR11

I have been given the opportunity to test out an inexpensive 35mm depth of field adapter designed for the small consumer camcorders. sent me a JAG35 PRO with the Canon to Nikon adapter to mount my Nikkor glass to the front of it. My first impression was positive. This is an entry level $400 […]

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Letus Comcast Sports Net Celtics Promo

This is a 15 second spot that ran on Comcast Sports Net whilst the Boston Celtics where playing in the NBA Playoffs. I shot all of these elements with the Sony PMW-EX1 and the Letus Extreme. The spot was edited by TJ Powers on a Final Cut Pro workstation. He grabbed stills from my Letus […]

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Broadcast Television and Letus Products

I will be posting a few new blogs talking about how I am using Letus products in a broadcast environment. I have found a niche in my television market using shallow depth of field to bridge the gap between the look of television and the look of film. In the next few weeks I will […]

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ISMA Founder

I shot this for my dad with the Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX camcorder. I have the Letus35 Extreme film lens adapter mounted on the front so that I can use my 35mm SLR prime lenses. This video was shot for the International Security Management Association or ISMA. I will be shown at an ISMA dinner […]

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New Hampshire Falls

Take a relaxing journey through some of the most pristine waterfalls in remote northern New Hampshire. Behind the scenes photo blog and details about the home made pvc skateboard wheel dolly used in this film: Click Here. Shot and edited by Tom Guilmette Music composed by Tom Salta and Alec Harrison Music produced by Tom […]

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Making of New Hampshire Falls

Looking for the “New Hampshire Falls” Film? Click here to watch it. I love the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I enjoy hiking in the remote wilderness of the northeastern part of the United States. I push my mountain bike into the hills and ride the single track to the base of the mountains in […]

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Letus B4 Pro Relay

I am having some fun playing with a great bit of kit. As a professional television freelancer, I get to use different broadcast cameras almost every day. I have always wanted to mount prime 35mm lenses to the front of these very expensive 2/3 inch chip cameras, and now I can. I have a Letus […]

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The Warehouse Short Film

I went back to the old warehouse by my home, this time with three other people. I had to shoot a short film here, with actors. “Left for Dead”, a short I shot alone here, just was not good enough. It was visual, but it held little story or substance. So we made a short […]

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Ghost Town Ruby Arizona

Ruby is a mining ghost town 50 miles southwest of Tucson and 4 miles north of the Mexico border. At 4,200 feet above sea level, Ruby is full of desert plants, range grasses, mesquite, walnut and oak trees. But the vegetation is not why I traveled down the remote and rugged dirt roads to visit […]

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