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Phantom v640 Pro Basketball Shoot Part Two: Testing

All of the gear arrived on schedule from its various locations around the country. I found out that it costs about 420 bucks to ship a Phantom cross country overnight. Seeing as the camera rents for north of 3 grand per day, the cheaper option is to rent one day and ship overnight on both […]

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Phantom v640 Pro Basketball Shoot Part One: Planning

It seems that Tom’s recent post about his dealings with the Phantom Flex has gotten some serious circulation via the interwebs. So I would like to take you to a time about 6 months ago, before all of this incredible footage surfaced on We were on the verge of another long season of NBA […]

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Answers: What camera should I buy?

This is an age old question that anyone reading this has answered many times. The problem is we can never answer it for ourselves. It is so much easier to spend someone else’s money than our own. I recently helped a good friend and colleague Tom Guilmette answer this very question. And it should be […]

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Welcome to my world

Welcome to my little slice of heaven. That is, if you consider heaven to be Tom Guilmette’s website. Since before the beginning of 1.0, Tom and I have been trying to come up with a way for me to contribute to the site. We always thought that it would be fun and useful for […]

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