Bill Travers

Canon HDSLR Music Video – Bill Travers

Bill here. I recently completed a second music video shot on Canon DSLRs. There were two cameras used in this production. A Canon T2i is used for all of the day footage and the night scenes were all shot using the 5Dmk2. Nothing much was shot at a stop other than ƒ1.2 or ƒ1.4. For […]

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Locked Inside a Broadcast Facility with Phantom Faders

No, this isn’t going to include a video of Tom Guilmette flying in slow motion. I’m just hijacking his title. This post is about going inside an audio console to repair some of the faders that stopped working properly. In my real life as a Broadcast Engineer things can come up in the course of […]

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Fresh Apples

There are lots of rumors flying about almost all things Apple this week (and in recent weeks). The big ones are about new MacBooks, new iPads, and new Final Cut Pro. The new MacBook is a big one to me. I’ll hopefully be able to pick one up real soon. I love my 13″ MacBook […]

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Poor Man’s Motion-Control Time Lapse

Not having all of the sweet gear Tom Guilmette has, I had to improvise to create this tilting timelapse. It’s a series of stills that are much higher resolution than the 1280×720 canvas space I used to edit the video. Because of this I created an image sequence that was large enough that I could […]

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5Dmk2 and T2i Music Video

Hey Guys, I wanted to share the music video I’ve been working on real quick before I head out to watch the super bowl. It’s finally finished. I’ll share more details later, but I wanted to get it out to you before you watch the Steelers lose! 😉

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Icicle Time lapse

Heading out to my car tonight, I noticed a giant icicle dangling over my driveway. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now and this 90 minute experiment makes me want to go do it right! This is the growing tip of a 4 foot icicle outside a window in my house. I […]

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Time lapse FAIL.

Today I cut my skiing short because I wanted to go back to the house and get my camera. The sky was so incredibly clear and the sun was amazing. I figured if I hustled I could get back and ready just in time for a sunset time lapse. Well, I was nearly right. By […]

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*Update* The $60 Quick and Easy Homemade Dolly

Tonight I built a dolly made entirely with supplies from Home Depot and Target. I made it in a way that requires only a few basic hand tools. I didn’t have to drill any holes in metal or saw any wood. Assembly took about an hour and was extremely easy. Materials List (Qty): (1) 2’x2′ […]

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Vermont Sky

Tonight I had no choice. The clear Vermont sky made me do it. I came up here tonight to do some skiing over the next few days. When I got out of my car I was stunned by how clear the sky was and how bright the stars were. I had no intentions on shooting […]

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Extended Music Video Preview

I’ve spent some time editing the music video I’m working on. I’m about 75% through the first rough cut and I’d like to share it with you now. I’ve stripped out the audio for now because the actual song is still being recorded and mixed and I don’t want to have anyone think that the […]

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Upgrading My MacBook Hard Drive

One thing they don’t tell you when you start taking digital photos and movies is that you’ll never have enough hard disk space ever again. Ever. Tonight marks the 4th time in about as many years that my MacBook will get a new larger hard drive. This machine shipped with a 60GB disk. I then […]

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Thanks Tom!

First off, let me send a big thanks to Tom for giving me a place to share with you all!  I plan on using this space to parcel out my experiences in the broadcast industry as an engineer in ways that may be helpful and hopefully sometimes amusing to others.  While Tom is well known […]

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