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Canon HDSLR Music Video – Bill Travers

Bill here. I recently completed a second music video shot on Canon DSLRs. There were two cameras used in this production. A Canon T2i is used for all of the day footage and the night scenes were all shot using the 5Dmk2. Nothing much was shot at a stop other than ƒ1.2 or ƒ1.4. For […]

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On location with the Ninja Pulse

Here is how the kitchen looked on the scout day. This is a high end residential kitchen in Winchester, MA. White floor to ceiling cabinets, wolf oven, Subzero refrigerator, marble counter tops surrounded by hardwood flooring. My first thought is wow… this is going to be a challenge…. to light this and not make a […]

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Lighting “Old School”

Scoops, Coops… old school set lighting. Does anyone know what this is? (click on pictures for larger image) I recently had to go “old school” and use this coop light lamped with 6 – 1500 watt frosted mogul lamps. (DKX/120/1500W ANSI) Typically I would use a 6K – space light (double skirt and dot), but […]

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Locked Inside a Broadcast Facility with Phantom Faders

No, this isn’t going to include a video of Tom Guilmette flying in slow motion. I’m just hijacking his title. This post is about going inside an audio console to repair some of the faders that stopped working properly. In my real life as a Broadcast Engineer things can come up in the course of […]

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Life Happens at NAB

I set out for NAB to work the Zylight booth and see what is new in lighting as I have done for the past 4 years. Yes there were some new LED products and a lot more knock offs that you need to be cautious of. I didn’t know how different NAB was going to […]

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Lighting the President of the United States

President Obama visit to Tech Boston in Dorchester Mass. “Tech Boston has provided over 10,000 teacher hours of professional development and direct assistance to schools to implement courses educating more than 5,000 students in the following areas: Advanced Placement Computer Science, Web Development, Cisco Networking, Cisco IT Essentials, Microsoft Office Specialist, and Robotics.” (To find […]

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Phantom v640 Pro Basketball Shoot Part Two: Testing

All of the gear arrived on schedule from its various locations around the country. I found out that it costs about 420 bucks to ship a Phantom cross country overnight. Seeing as the camera rents for north of 3 grand per day, the cheaper option is to rent one day and ship overnight on both […]

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“Back To The Future” with Zylight LED Technology

Getting ready to rig a couple of Z90’s for an interior shot of the “flux capacitor” in the replica Delorean built by Eric Sellin. Eric built the replica to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s. It can be rented by the day or people can have their pictures taken with the […]

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Phantom v640 Pro Basketball Shoot Part One: Planning

It seems that Tom’s recent post about his dealings with the Phantom Flex has gotten some serious circulation via the interwebs. So I would like to take you to a time about 6 months ago, before all of this incredible footage surfaced on We were on the verge of another long season of NBA […]

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Answers: What camera should I buy?

This is an age old question that anyone reading this has answered many times. The problem is we can never answer it for ourselves. It is so much easier to spend someone else’s money than our own. I recently helped a good friend and colleague Tom Guilmette answer this very question. And it should be […]

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Welcome to my world

Welcome to my little slice of heaven. That is, if you consider heaven to be Tom Guilmette’s website. Since before the beginning of 1.0, Tom and I have been trying to come up with a way for me to contribute to the site. We always thought that it would be fun and useful for […]

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Fresh Apples

There are lots of rumors flying about almost all things Apple this week (and in recent weeks). The big ones are about new MacBooks, new iPads, and new Final Cut Pro. The new MacBook is a big one to me. I’ll hopefully be able to pick one up real soon. I love my 13″ MacBook […]

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