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Exploring Abandoned Mine Tunnels in Arizona and Testing New Gear

First off, do not try what was attempted in this video blog above at home or away from home. Going into abandoned mine shafts, tunnels and other ruins is dangerous! It may be fun, but criminals, wild animals, dead wild animals, poisonous things, rock fall, Philip Bloom, explosive gasses, and other dangers/injury could lurk inside. […]

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Redwood National Forest Pictures

I have been going through my hard drives and I found a bunch of pictures from my Pacific Northwest trip last summer. I shot a lot of video with the Canon 5dmk2, but I also snapped some photographs. Most of these were taken just off the dirt roads. If you look closely, you can see […]

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Pacific Northwest Trip – Video Blog

This video has audio commentary. Be sure to listen to it after you watch the video. AUDIO COMMENTARY: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] This past summer I spent a week on vacation in the Pacific Northwest. I had never been up that way and always wanted to see that part of the United […]

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Bloom/Guilmette Blog War – Bloom Overboard

Foolish I know, this blog war. It is a real waste of talent and resources. But it is fun and entertaining too. I have been on the road with a bunch of Kessler gear and I have shot a ton of cool stuff in the Pacific Northwest. Exciting content like the Pacific coastline, the California […]

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Key West Kessler Crane Meet Up – Video Blog from “The Fishing Trip”

I have been in beautiful, sunny Key West for two very short days. I am joining forces with Philip Bloom, Jon and Christina from Canonfilmmakers.com and Eric Kessler on a Kessler Crane sponsored meet up and equipment demonstration. We are also shooting short films from the colorful streets and people who call this small island […]

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Skiing & Snowmobiling Conditions – Warren, New Hampshire area

UPDATE: EPIC storm coming this weekend! I will be back on the trails blasting pow Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday first week of 2010! I’m on vacation in New Hampshire (though I am shooting a two week timelapse of ice forming on a lake) and I just wanted to post a quick trail report for anyone […]

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A New Hampshire Holiday

I have been working to much. I finally took some time to head north and enjoy my little slice of heaven in the hills of New Hampshire. No bathroom, no electricity, no people… but my BlackBerry did have service. I do not own the shelter deep in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but I […]

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Snowmobiling in New Hampshire

I built this website to talk about television, my work, cool equipment and what I have learned over the years. I did not want my Blog to be like so many others. People who ramble on and on about politics or their favorite pet cat. But sometimes I will make an exception. This is one […]

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