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Kessler CineSlider Portable Dolly System

The video testing this gear is all the way at the bottom of this blog post! I am a big fan of using a dolly to move my camera smoothly through space. This became an extension of my use of prime lenses without any zoom capability. I built my own skateboard wheel and pvc pipe […]

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One Year Sony SR11 Timelapse using fixed mount made of “Fast Steel” Putty

Currently, I am working on a few timelapse projects with the Canon 5dmk2. One of them is capturing the four seasons in New England from different fixed locations. This is not a new idea, it has been done before. But I might be one of the first to use an as-seen-on-tv invention to make a […]

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Paul Pierce Sit-Down Interview

UPDATE: I was able to post the actual televised footage from TNT to my blog: Click Here to check it out. I was hired as a lighting director and a director of photography by Turner to set up and shoot a sit-down interview with John Thompson Jr. and Paul Pierce. Dave and I picked up […]

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Celtics Paul Pierce Sit Down Interview for TNT

Today I worked as a lighting director and a director of photography for Turner Network Television (TNT) in Waltham, Massachusetts. I was asked to help setup and shoot a sit down interview with John Thompson Jr. (former Georgetown University coach) and Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics. You can watch a time lapse of our […]

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Setting up my Hard Camera at Fenway Park

VIDEO BLOG I was asked by a college professor who teaches television production if I would produce a short tutorial of what it takes to set up my high definition $120,000 camera at my high left perch at Fenway Park. He wanted to show the video to his students to help explain what it takes […]

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Vignetting and the Letus Extreme

VIDEO BLOG The Vignetting and the Letus Extreme: I decided that I would share whatever knowledge I have in my brief time with my EX1 and Letus Extreme 35 mm lens adapter by doing a video blog. I am not an expert, but I have logged some serious hours on both of them. I created […]

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Sit Down Lighting at UNH

Today, I shot a series of interviews with my Sony Z1U HDV camera at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. My Waltham based client asked for the project to be shot in standard definition. I set the camera to DVCAM and used the grayed out area on the sides of my viewfinder for […]

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