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Kessler Parallax – Add a “Back-Pan” to Your Work!

You can order Kessler Parallax by clicking here. Panning while sliding requires a lot of concentration to get perfect. If your fluid head on the slider is not smooth, or you apply to much or to little pressure to the pan, locking onto your subject is difficult. The Kessler Parallax is fast to set up […]

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Updating the Firmware on Kessler CineDrive Phase 3

I have been using the Kessler CineDrive system for many months now and it changed the way I work when adding movement to a time-lapse or preforming a repeatable camera move. For the first time ever, I have a system that uses computer driven software to give me an on screen interface dictating exactly what […]

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Balancing a Vinten tripod head and using the new blueBridge adapter

This past April, I travelled to Las Vegas to attend and work at the National Association of Broadcasters convention (NAB). I split my time speaking to people at the event in the Vinten and Kessler booths. The tripod is one of my most important pieces of kit. I use one everyday to stabilize my camera […]

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Kessler Timefest 2011 – Behind the Scenes of the TimeScapes Film

A few weeks ago a group of “film buddies” from around the United States got together and spent a few days shooting remote locations in beautiful Northern California’s raw landscape. I was lucky enough to be invited on this trip and got to hang out with some of the best photographers in the business. The […]

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Red Epic on the Road – First Impression Video Blog with R3D Epic Video File Downloads

Working with friend and first A.C. Nick Keating, I shot and edited a video blog that will help you better understand the Red Epic. I go through the menus, show basic operation and offer tips to save you time in the field and bring back stunning pictures. Shot on location in the New Hampshire White […]

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Updating the Firmware & Computer Controlling the AJA Ki Pro Deck

UPDATE 1/13/13: Version firmware is now available. This blog post is not for everyone. If you own an AJA Ki Pro recorder or plan on buying one, I suggest reading this page. If you found this page because you are having trouble updating the firmware on your Ki Pro, you have come to the […]

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Kessler Shuttle Pod V2 Video Setup Tutorial

I have been using the Kessler Shuttle Pod for almost a year and it works very well as a portable dolly solution. I use the system to get dynamic camera moves either by sliding the carriage down the track by hand or under the power of the ElektraDRIVE motors. I shot a video blog on […]

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Kessler SmartLapse Tutorial

I have been using and testing Kessler Crane equipment for almost a year. I was interested in adding motion to my timelapses, but getting a move to happen exactly how I wanted it in the timelapse was very difficult. It required a lot of trail and error to get it just right. That has all […]

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The Phantom HD GOLD High Speed Camera – Video Blog & Download Footage

UPDATE: 1/7/11 I have a Phantom v640 .cine raw file at the bottom of this blog for download. This file was shot on a Phantom that was not working properly until a firmware patch was applied. You will notice a large “plume” in the center of the frame. This file is for demonstration and testing […]

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Kessler Shuttle Pod Tutorial and Field Demonstration

I have been given the opportunity to test out Kessler Crane products for review on my website. I am very excited about some of the new stuff Eric Kessler is designing in Indiana. The gear is well built, easy to use, and fills a void in both price range and tools for creating awesome camera […]

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Kessler Oracle, ElektraDRIVE & CineSlider Motion Control Time Lapse Video Blog

ETHICS STATEMENT: I was given this system to test. I have used it on jobs and do not want to give it back. I hope Eric Kessler lets me keep this system or will sell it to me as used…haha! That being said, I feel it important to be honest and tell my readers this […]

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Philip Bloom Canon DSLR Training DVDs – Reduced Prices

I highly recommend Philip Bloom’s F-Stop Academy DSLR training DVDs if you own either a Canon 5dmk2 or a 7d. I have watched them both and Phil’s presentation is easy to follow. Phil is very passionate about anything television or film and after viewing these DVDs, it is obvious he put a lot of work […]

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