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“In The Biz” Video Blog – TV Truck Tour

This is the first little project for my “In The Biz” video blog. A few of you have asked for a 50 cent tour of the television truck used to cover Boston Red Sox baseball in high definition. Well, here is the nickel tour. This goofy, but informative video will show you exactly what it […]

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“In The Biz” TV Video Blog

I have this new, crazy idea to always have a 720p point and shoot auto-everything digital video camera with me to capture what I do. I am a broadcast television camera operator and I get to work with cutting-edge HD equipment that costs more money than a three bed room house! Many people who visit […]

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The Sports TV “On-Air Mention”

All professional sports camera guys love this. Even if they say…ahhh big deal. I am talking about the “on-air mention.” It does not happen very often, but when it does, it usually follows a sick camera shot or replay. I captured another sweet puck follow to glove save at the end of my Sony “Supermo” […]

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NAB: Vinten Vector 70 Pan Head at Fenway

I am headed to NAB in Las Vegas the Week of April 20th and I will be working in the Letus (BH Video) booth and the Vinten Booth. I shot a quick short video explaining the importance of a good pan head and Vinten simply makes the best. The Vector 70 is a highly successful […]

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Game Creek Liberty HD Television Truck Fire

Ok picture this… You are driving down an empty, dark Texas Interstate 20 early on a Thursday morning. It is 3am and you are trying to keep your heavy eye lids open. Suddenly you see a large, bright white 53 foot tractor trailer traveling at 65 miles an hour in your headlight beams. You are […]

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Andy Brickley Drops F-Bomb on NESN Air

A guy I work with just emailed me the YouTube link to a piece of video that made it to the airwaves…by mistake. I was running the 90 frame per second HD super-mo camera on the right side during this game because the Canadians put their own guy in my usual left side hand-held camera […]

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One Angry Cameraman

Some friends at the tv network just sent me this photo. I am sure it has made many in the office smile. I know that the second it happened, everyone inside the TV truck was laughing at me. About a month ago, I was shooting a Syracuse vs. Providence College basketball game. PC upset Syracuse […]

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Fenway Park and Red Sox 2009

We just got another foot of snow in my outdoor playground we call New England. But… even though I love skiing and snowmobiling…I am looking forward to three things: Downhill Mountain Biking, Warm Weather, and Fenway Park… in that order. I just got my free pass in the mail to downhill mountain bike Attitash Mountain […]

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Behind the Scenes at Bruins Hockey with SuperMo

This is the third blog I have written on the Sony HDC-3300 HD Super Motion camera. I just find it an amazing piece of technology. Expensive technology, at almost $130,000 new! I brought my little Sony HDR-HC3 HDV camcorder to work today and shot a quick and dirty behind the scenes at Boston Bruins Hockey. […]

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COX Fly Pack Sprinter Truck with Sony 270 HDV Cameras

I recently had the opportunity to work on a newly developed mobile production package put together by Cox Cable out of Rhode Island. This fly pack system rides in a van and you can either keep the production, tape graphics, and audio departments inside the vehicle, or pull it all out and build your control […]

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New CBS Hard Drive Workflow with FedEX

I can remember the days when I would rent gear (or use my own), shoot in a location near my home and Fed EX the tapes overnight across the country to an editor for a major client. Those days still occur, but now I find myself Fed EX’ing inexpensive USB hard drives across the United […]

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Setting up my Hard Camera at Fenway Park

VIDEO BLOG I was asked by a college professor who teaches television production if I would produce a short tutorial of what it takes to set up my high definition $120,000 camera at my high left perch at Fenway Park. He wanted to show the video to his students to help explain what it takes […]

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