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Using GoPro Cameras on Live Multi-Camera Remote Broadcasts

EDIT: Do not build your own 12 volt USB power adapter for the GoPro. The power requirements are 5 volts, 500-1000 milliamps which is what almost all cell phone chargers put out. If you send 12 volts to a GoPro it will do damage! GoPro Heros. Amazing little cameras. For under $300 you get a […]

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My History of Sports Television and What Has Changed

“You have the best job in the world”. That is what people say to me when they see me manning my post at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. This is how I reply, “Shooting a Red Sox game day after day was like an artist being forced to paint the same exact picture over and […]

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Clone Wars: Tommy Two

Last month I did not attend NAB in Las Vegas. But I was there. How is that possible you ask? I have been working feverishly over the last year to do something that no one else has managed to do. To create an exact replica of myself for the sole purpose of passing off unwanted […]

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Getting ready for NAB 2011 – Vinten, Kessler, Zacuto, Rule, Letus Direct, Fastec Imaging, & Zylight

Once again I will be attending the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas this year. I will be working the Vinten booth like previous years April 11 to April 13th. I will also be working the Zacuto/Kessler Booth the morning of April 14th. Please swing by and chat tv/film with me if […]

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2011 World Championship Ping Pong Trailer – Phantom Flex, Sony F800 and GoPro Cameras

You may have seen “Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex“, but this is what I was hired to shoot while in Las Vegas. Here is the official trailer shot for FOX Sports that will (hopefully) start a Ping Pong revolution! I will post air times for the global release on this […]

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Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex

Violating the laws of nature. Playing God. Capturing stuff we are not supposed to see. Potentially opening up a wormhole in the fabric of time. These are a few of the things I think about while shooting with a Phantom High Speed Digital Cinema camera. The above video is a bunch of test footage I […]

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Fun during batting practice at Fenway Park

Back by popular demand… I talk to a camera, introduce a cool TV subject, shrink myself down into a little box in the lower right corner of the screen and explain what is going on. I work in sports television using sick equipment. Using the insane television gear is often the best part of my […]

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Behind the Scenes of Big East College Basketball – Shot on Canon 5dmk2 DSLR

A few months ago, I was hired by COX communications to shoot a behind the scenes video of what it takes to get multi-camera live coverage of college basketball on the air. I normally operate a camera with this crew covering the action for regional television on ESPN or Big East college sports television. The […]

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Shooting Bruins Hockey with High Speed NAC Memrecam at 300 Frames Per Second

First of all, sorry for the quality of the blog pictures! I had to use my Blackberry. I was not ready to take photos for my website at the Bruins a few days ago. I was also not ready for the news that I would be experimenting with a $400,000.00 camera system! I thought I […]

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800 Red Sox Games Later – How I Remain Creative as a Sports Cameraman

I am a professional broadcast sports television camera operator. That is what pays the bills and I enjoy it. Most of the time. I am about 80 percent television technology guru and 20 percent sports fan at the moment. I love using the top of the line high definition camera equipment that costs more than […]

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2010 Winter Classic – NHL Network experiments with Phantom and 3D

The 2010 NHL Winter Classic is finally over. Time to thaw out. Strike was just under three hours, not that bad. The Bruins beat the Flyers in overtime at Fenway Park today 2-1. Not the best hockey, but a storybook ending for the Bruins and all the hockey fans that packed the ballpark. I had […]

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Boston Bruins Puck Follow and Winter Classic at Fenway Park

There is a huge difference shooting sports at a high frame rate and playing back the action in super slow motion. We are all use to seeing sports covered at 30 frame per second. The jagged frames look like a strobe effect when played back instant replay. Take a look at some footage I shot […]

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