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Sent from my iPod Touch!

I am typing this on my iPod touch to try out my mobile blogging. I am using a free application from the apple app store for the iPhone 2.0 software. The app is called wordpress and it talks to the server pulling all of my blogs to my iPod touch via wifi. This will allow […]

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Crazy Weather and Dave Ortiz

I do not have any pictures or video to go along with this post, so I will be as descriptive as possible. I witnessed one of the coolest moments in my career thus far. And it actually had to do with baseball! David “Big Papi” Ortiz is a legend in baseball. Most people know this. […]

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It has been a while…

Sorry, I have not been able to post much to my blog over the last two weeks. I have the excuse of work. I work all the time. A few things to report. I am working on a motorized system to preform very slow dolly moves to add cinematic slides to my time lapses. I […]

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Opening Day at Fenway Park

Today was opening day at Fenway Park and I am entering my eighth year at my position on the left field wall. The only problem was they have totally redesigned the left field roof. My camera position no longer exists as I remember it. But, it is not that bad. Here is what my first […]

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Tax Time! Ahhhh!

I cannot add to my website or shoot with my new EX1 camera because I am doing my taxes. I am literally buried in receipts. Thousands of them. Every year at this time, I lock myself inside my home and work without interruption on my favorite thing in this world, my tax return. See you […]

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I got the Sony EX1!

I now own a Sony EX1 XDCAM EX camera. I have wanted to upgrade for quite some time, but did not think solid state media was cost effective. Now with flash memory dropping and Sony offering a free media card with the purchase of this camera (by the end of March 08), I decided to […]

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I Put the YES in OroNO

I just got back from the Boston area freelancer’s most dreaded travel destination: Orono, Maine. And not because Orono is a horrible place. I like it there. Well, except for the harsh weather and frigid temperatures. The food is good and I get to stay at a Ramada with free WiFI. So why do I […]

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A rare day off…

I have today off. I don’t say that very often. I do enjoy working for the most part, but I really value some time for myself. One of my favorite places to go is Ashland State Park. I hike, bike, skate, kayak, fish and walk my dog there. This place is like a little piece […]

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