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My History of Sports Television and What Has Changed

“You have the best job in the world”. That is what people say to me when they see me manning my post at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. This is how I reply, “Shooting a Red Sox game day after day was like an artist being forced to paint the same exact picture over and […]

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Live Chat Episode 3 – Phantom Flex – Archive

This is the third live chat I have done on my website. This time I was chatting about my “Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex” viral video. I will explain how and why I made the video. Over 1.4 Million hits on Vimeo in a week and nearly 5,000 likes by […]

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Live Chat Episode 2 – Archive

Archive of my second Live show through my website. We chatted about DSLRs, lighting, 3D, sports television, my favorite job, matte boxes, tripods, Twixtor, the Undercity film, Adobe Premiere vs. FCP, sliders, how I destroyed a BetaCam and why I do not shoot news. Plus a lot more! Length was 1hr. Links to Stuff I […]

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What camera would you buy for $60,000?

I am selling a house to buy a camera. Well, a second house I built with my friends in New Hampshire. I work way too much to enjoy it and find myself camping out under the stars more than under a roof! My clients are demanding gear and I am tired of renting a camera […]

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A quick early November update

I have been very busy with my television work lately and when I’m not shooting for broadcast, I am up in the mountains shooting astro-timelapses. I just wanted to post something new to my site because it has been a little while since my last post! I shot the picture above yesterday afternoon on the […]

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Website Updated v2.5!

I have just updated to the newest version of WordPress and also updated to the newest version of the Atahualpa WP theme by Bytes For All. I call this Tom Guilmette Dot Com v2.5. Let me know if anything on this website malfunctions or is not displaying properly. I will be adding a few new […]

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HD Video on Facebook

I have been keeping a close eye on the evolution of HD video on the internet over the last two years. For a while, YouTube was really the only game in town and the video quality was terrible. And people seemed to be dropping F*bombs constantly in the comment section under the videos. Then, just […]

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Working for Vinten and Letus at NAB 2009 in Vegas

Finally, after many years of reading trade magazines drooling over cutting-edge equipment, surfing the internet for new gear leaks, and listening to countless television engineers talk about it… I AM GOING. I am going to the biggest gathering of television geeks on the planet: The National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Think […]

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Headed to Arizona

I have been working way to much on the east coast of the United States… So I have decided to work a little bit on the western side of the country. I will be in the Tucson, Arizona area for the next six days. I will be working on a doc at the Hoover Dam […]

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Fenway Park and Red Sox 2009

We just got another foot of snow in my outdoor playground we call New England. But… even though I love skiing and snowmobiling…I am looking forward to three things: Downhill Mountain Biking, Warm Weather, and Fenway Park… in that order. I just got my free pass in the mail to downhill mountain bike Attitash Mountain […]

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New Stuff for 2009

First of all, Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to watch and comment on my videos and films! Now, I must reflect on 2008… I created this website and posted my first blog ever. This website has made me new friends, got me a few sweet gigs and it […]

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Too Busy to do Anything!

I have been working non-stop. And… I got my EX1 back from Sony in New Jersey. I had them upgrade my firmware from version 1.03 to 1.11 so that I can use the big 32GB SxS cards and purchase the sony 60GB hard drive. Not sure when I will do it, but I will need […]

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