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“The Instigators” NESN Hockey TV Show Promos

I shot with the Sony EX1 and Letus Ultimate a few days ago for a shoot promoting the New England Sports Network’s NHL hockey TV show called “The Instigators”. The show is hosted by Jack Edwards, Andy Brickley, and Mike Milbury. Starting this Thursday, the second season begins on NESN at 6pm and runs every […]

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COX Communications Letus Ultimate Sony EX1 Commercial

I was asked by Cox Communications to shoot a 30 second television spot to air on Cox cable television. This spot would be mostly graphics, and I asked my buddy graphics/editor TJ Powers if he would help me with the project. As far as camerawork goes, this was a very easy shoot. Most of the […]

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PBS Frontline HDTV Show Open Shot with Sony EX1 and Letus Ultimate

I was hired by the same company that shot and composited the standard definition show open and background elements for the PBS show Frontline. The name of the graphics/production company is One80 Visual and they were asked by Frontline to re-create the classic show components in high definition. The idea was to simply shoot the […]

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Letus Comcast Sports Net Celtics Promo

This is a 15 second spot that ran on Comcast Sports Net whilst the Boston Celtics where playing in the NBA Playoffs. I shot all of these elements with the Sony PMW-EX1 and the Letus Extreme. The spot was edited by TJ Powers on a Final Cut Pro workstation. He grabbed stills from my Letus […]

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Broadcast Television and Letus Products

I will be posting a few new blogs talking about how I am using Letus products in a broadcast environment. I have found a niche in my television market using shallow depth of field to bridge the gap between the look of television and the look of film. In the next few weeks I will […]

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“Living The Dream” Baseball Documentary

For those of you who live in New England, a documentary that Torey Champagne and I worked on this spring is now airing on Comcast Sports Net (CSN) in standard definition on Comcast channel 52 and in high definition on Comcast channel 852. I was the director of photography and the sole shooter on the […]

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The Sports TV “On-Air Mention”

All professional sports camera guys love this. Even if they say…ahhh big deal. I am talking about the “on-air mention.” It does not happen very often, but when it does, it usually follows a sick camera shot or replay. I captured another sweet puck follow to glove save at the end of my Sony “Supermo” […]

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Andy Brickley Drops F-Bomb on NESN Air

A guy I work with just emailed me the YouTube link to a piece of video that made it to the airwaves…by mistake. I was running the 90 frame per second HD super-mo camera on the right side during this game because the Canadians put their own guy in my usual left side hand-held camera […]

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New England Patriots Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar

VIDEO BLOG – DOCUMENTARY: The Making of the New England Patriots Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar: Courtesy of Fox Sports Net, Music by ROXIE. Have you ever seen the Bill Murray movie, “Groundhog Day”? If you have not, put it in your Net Flix que and watch it. Basically, Murray’s character is stuck in a single day. […]

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Personal Justice TV Show Open on TLC

VIDEO BLOG: I shot with the EX1, Letus Extreme, my bag of Nikon lenses and my dolly near Boston at an old house built in the mid 1800s. I was asked to shoot a bunch of HD footage that would be used in the upcoming TLC crime show, called Personal Justice. The production company putting […]

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Behind the Scenes at Bruins Hockey with SuperMo

This is the third blog I have written on the Sony HDC-3300 HD Super Motion camera. I just find it an amazing piece of technology. Expensive technology, at almost $130,000 new! I brought my little Sony HDR-HC3 HDV camcorder to work today and shot a quick and dirty behind the scenes at Boston Bruins Hockey. […]

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“Marathon Love” on Discovery Health

The documentary I shot with Eric Sharmer is going to be airing on Discovery Health on Sunday, December 14th at 8pm. For those of you in the Boston area, it is Comcast channel 226 (D-HC). This is the world premiere, so set those DVRs! This is the press release: _____________________________ (Silver Spring, Md.)—Just before her […]

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