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Hitting the Road, Talking TV – Public Speaking & Career Days

Sir Philip enjoying a mid day smoke in Piccadilly Circus Inspired by good friend Philip Bloom and his traveling workshops, I am planning on hitting the road during my days off like a nomadic gypsy peddling my wares and talking about what I do to anyone who will listen. Or just sit there staring at […]

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Join me at Rule Boston Camera Pub Night – August 18th at 6pm

This is my first Pub Night so I am sure it will be interesting. I will basically use a question and answer format so you all will drive the direction of the conversation! I will have some gear to show off, but will also use my laptop and a projector to display content. Looking forward […]

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Talking Depth of Field Adapters in Boston

I will be at Boston Camera on Wednesday July 22 from 10am to noon as a guest speaker talking about Letus products and how it is possible to get the film look with video cameras. We will discuss technique and equipment. Feel free to swing by 395 Western Ave in Brighton, Massachusetts to say hello. […]

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