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Exploring Abandoned Mine Tunnels in Arizona and Testing New Gear

First off, do not try what was attempted in this video blog above at home or away from home. Going into abandoned mine shafts, tunnels and other ruins is dangerous! It may be fun, but criminals, wild animals, dead wild animals, poisonous things, rock fall, Philip Bloom, explosive gasses, and other dangers/injury could lurk inside. […]

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The Ultimate Pizza Delivery to a Place with the World’s Worst Weather

I got a phone call asking if I would go up New England’s tallest peak with my cameras to document a pizza delivery. The location, Mt Washington (elevation 6,288 feet above sea level) and the pizza delivery, Rustic Crust and American Flatbread. The means of transportation was a Bombardier Snow Cat. Gusty 50 plus mile […]

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Redwood National Forest Pictures

I have been going through my hard drives and I found a bunch of pictures from my Pacific Northwest trip last summer. I shot a lot of video with the Canon 5dmk2, but I also snapped some photographs. Most of these were taken just off the dirt roads. If you look closely, you can see […]

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Kessler Motion Controlled Timelapse Teaser – Oracle, Elektra Drive, CineSlider

I have been testing the Kessler Motion Controlled Timelapse dolly system for the last few days and I am very impressed with the results. The system is very easy to move around, is built well and comes in at a low price point. For the first time, you can achieve Ron Fricke and Tom Lowe […]

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My Next Camera – The RED ONE – A Video Blog with Raw RED Footage for Download

UPDATED 2/26/10: Red ONE RAW R3D Footage now ready for download at the bottom of the page. I have been talking about buying a camera for months. I am selling a house to buy it. A $65,000 investment. I have been looking at the Sony PDW-F800 and was nearly certain that would be the right […]

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One Week Canon 5dmk2 Timelapse of Ice-in at Newfound Lake, NH

UPDATE: January 6, 2010 – Download 1080p version of “One Week at Newfound Lake” at bottom of this page. The winters in New Hampshire are brutal and many people die each year from exposure. They get lost hiking or their car breaks down on a lonely mountain road. I have been experiencing the raw power […]

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Skiing & Snowmobiling Conditions – Warren, New Hampshire area

UPDATE: EPIC storm coming this weekend! I will be back on the trails blasting pow Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday first week of 2010! I’m on vacation in New Hampshire (though I am shooting a two week timelapse of ice forming on a lake) and I just wanted to post a quick trail report for anyone […]

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Astro-Timelapse Project Update #2 – Chasing The Stars

Hey, I’m back on the grid for a minute borrowing someone’s wireless… Right now, it is -1F or -18C for you metric folks. Earlier today, I shot some footage for fun about a half mile off a mountain road in northern New Hampshire. I wanted to see how the Canon 5dmk2 would react to the […]

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One Year Sony SR11 Timelapse using fixed mount made of “Fast Steel” Putty

Currently, I am working on a few timelapse projects with the Canon 5dmk2. One of them is capturing the four seasons in New England from different fixed locations. This is not a new idea, it has been done before. But I might be one of the first to use an as-seen-on-tv invention to make a […]

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Astro-Timelapse Project Preview

I have been having a lot of fun lately. “Late” being the key word. And I am working on a new project. I am very excited about the Canon 5Dmk2 DSLR, but not just because of the shallow depth of field people have been raving about. I am very excited about the low light capabilities […]

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Canon 5Dmk2 Helmet POV Camera

I will be testing a demo version of the ContourHD “wearable” HD video camera. But I have not received it yet from the company. I have a shoot this weekend with a World Cup downhill mountain biker. So I had to come up with something! I am going to be the “chase bike”. I will […]

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Making of New Hampshire Falls

Looking for the “New Hampshire Falls” Film? Click here to watch it. I love the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I enjoy hiking in the remote wilderness of the northeastern part of the United States. I push my mountain bike into the hills and ride the single track to the base of the mountains in […]

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