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The Great People at NAB 2009

One thing that changed me at the National Association of Broadcasters as a creative professional and a person was not what I expect. I expected, heading to Vegas, that the equipment was going to be the most important and interesting part of the show. It was not, it was the people I met at the […]

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RIP Norman Skul

Tuesday January 13th around 11am… Joe Roti was calling me. A good friend of mine, I met him in Chicago while working on two projects for Norman Skul. He was Norman’s long time friend and Joe was the “fireman” helping Norm keep his dream on track. Joe told me the bad news over the phone. […]

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Snowmobiling in New Hampshire

I built this website to talk about television, my work, cool equipment and what I have learned over the years. I did not want my Blog to be like so many others. People who ramble on and on about politics or their favorite pet cat. But sometimes I will make an exception. This is one […]

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