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Exploring Abandoned Mine Tunnels in Arizona and Testing New Gear

First off, do not try what was attempted in this video blog above at home or away from home. Going into abandoned mine shafts, tunnels and other ruins is dangerous! It may be fun, but criminals, wild animals, dead wild animals, poisonous things, rock fall, Philip Bloom, explosive gasses, and other dangers/injury could lurk inside. […]

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GoPro Hero Car Driving Test – Interior and Exterior Using Suction Cup Mounts

I have been very happy with the ease of use and cheap price of the GoPro HERO 1080p point of view camera system. As a DP, these are vital to have in your kit. I own 4 of them! These tiny cameras have been used on CBS Survivor, Discovery’s Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters and countless other […]

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Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex

Violating the laws of nature. Playing God. Capturing stuff we are not supposed to see. Potentially opening up a wormhole in the fabric of time. These are a few of the things I think about while shooting with a Phantom High Speed Digital Cinema camera. The above video is a bunch of test footage I […]

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Uploading 3D Content to YouTube with Panasonic AG-3DA1 Footage

This is a 3D video on YouTube. Be sure to watch in HD and set the 3D tab on the player to match your viewing glasses. I recommend “Green/Magenta Optimized“. You can buy glasses here: Green/Magenta Anaglyph Plastic 3D Glasses Looking to rent this camera? Click here! After running some tests this past summer with […]

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Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D Video Camera and the Future of 3DTV (3D files for download)

Looking to buy some cheap 3D glasses to view this footage? Click on these! Red / Cyan Anaglyph Plastic 3D Glasses (for use with this video blog) Magenta / Green Anaglyph Plastic 3D Glasses 1/29/11 IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that the “Tim Dashwood Final Cut Levels Filter” method I posted […]

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Kessler SmartLapse Tutorial

I have been using and testing Kessler Crane equipment for almost a year. I was interested in adding motion to my timelapses, but getting a move to happen exactly how I wanted it in the timelapse was very difficult. It required a lot of trail and error to get it just right. That has all […]

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Vinten Vision Blue Tripod System Review

I am a tripod snob and I am very picky with fluid pan heads. The tripod pan and tilt head is the most important part of the camera chain, in my opinion. If I put it all together in order of importance I would say, one tripod, two camera, three lens, and four viewfinder. Of […]

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The Phantom HD GOLD High Speed Camera – Video Blog & Download Footage

UPDATE: 1/7/11 I have a Phantom v640 .cine raw file at the bottom of this blog for download. This file was shot on a Phantom that was not working properly until a firmware patch was applied. You will notice a large “plume” in the center of the frame. This file is for demonstration and testing […]

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Water at 718 Frames Per Second with Fastec Imaging Cameras

I have been testing out a HiSPEC2 camera from Fastec Imaging that shoots crazy fast frame rates at 720p 16:9. The camera is a small cube with a Nikon mount. It is powered by a 12 volt battery using an inverter and I must have a PC laptop tethered to it at all times to […]

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Kessler Shuttle Pod Tutorial and Field Demonstration

I have been given the opportunity to test out Kessler Crane products for review on my website. I am very excited about some of the new stuff Eric Kessler is designing in Indiana. The gear is well built, easy to use, and fills a void in both price range and tools for creating awesome camera […]

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Fastec Imaging High Speed Fun – Lacrosse Test 718 Frames Per Second Hi Speed Camera Test

I am having a lot of fun up in New Hampshire testing out a high speed camera. The camera is not very easy to shoot with, no viewfinder, very shallow depth of field and requires a lot of light. Plus, you must have a laptop connected to it at all times! But I love a […]

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First Flight with the Kessler 12 Foot Crane

I have been testing Kessler products in Northern Indiana and now in the mountains of New Hampshire. For the first time, I have been using the V3 Kessler Crane. I joke around with Eric Kessler and say, “you guys make cranes too?”. Their first product was the crane and this established the company, but I […]

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