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Dead Pixels on Canon 5dmk2 Image Sensor

My Canon 5dmk2 is headed back in for service! I am having bad luck with this great camera. I just got it back after having the Compact Flash pin socket replaced. Read up on my broken pin blog by clicking here. I worked on a music video shoot in Worcester, Massachusetts a few days ago […]

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Bent Pin in Compact Flash Card Socket on Canon 5Dmk2 Camera

I hope this web page helps people. I really do. I hate not knowing stuff, and because of this lack of knowledge something valuable to me may end up damaged, suck money out of my wallet or waste my time. I hope this article saves someone out there some grief! I have used my Canon […]

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JetBlue Broke My Vinten Tripod

This week, hard-core baseball fans are “living the dream”. They are wearing actual licensed MLB Red Sox uniforms and playing with former baseball legends in sunny Florida. They are experiencing this once in a lifetime opportunity for a price. I followed them around for two days, but I also paid a price for moving my […]

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