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3rd Annual Kessler Chili Cookoff – Shot on Sony F55 w/ Fujinon 13×4.5 Lens

I am visiting the folks at Kessler Crane headquarters in Plymouth, Indiana to check out some new products they are cooking up. And when I say products, I mean tasty chili. I brought a Sony F55 into the office to document the 3rd annual Kessler Chili Cookoff. I captured some of the interesting people who […]

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Clone Wars: Tommy Two

Last month I did not attend NAB in Las Vegas. But I was there. How is that possible you ask? I have been working feverishly over the last year to do something that no one else has managed to do. To create an exact replica of myself for the sole purpose of passing off unwanted […]

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Fun during batting practice at Fenway Park

Back by popular demand… I talk to a camera, introduce a cool TV subject, shrink myself down into a little box in the lower right corner of the screen and explain what is going on. I work in sports television using sick equipment. Using the insane television gear is often the best part of my […]

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Andy Brickley Drops F-Bomb on NESN Air

A guy I work with just emailed me the YouTube link to a piece of video that made it to the airwaves…by mistake. I was running the 90 frame per second HD super-mo camera on the right side during this game because the Canadians put their own guy in my usual left side hand-held camera […]

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One Angry Cameraman

Some friends at the tv network just sent me this photo. I am sure it has made many in the office smile. I know that the second it happened, everyone inside the TV truck was laughing at me. About a month ago, I was shooting a Syracuse vs. Providence College basketball game. PC upset Syracuse […]

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I get crushed shooting BU Basketball

Manhattan College at Boston University. This is an old video. I was working for WABU when I was in college and I remember this game very clearly. I was sitting under the right basket on a chair and during a layup attempt, I get blasted. The camera never hit the ground!

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I get destroyed under Celtics basket

Toronto at Boston. JR Bremmer blocks a shot and heads right for me as I sit defenseless under the basket on a stool. I get nailed and never forget this day at the FleetCenter with the Celtics.

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Kevin Millar takes a shot at me

Seattle at Boston. Former Boston player, Kevin Millar pulls a ball foul and it almost knocks me off my platform at Fenway Park. Its a good thing I has harnessed in!

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Eric Byrnes hits my Camera Platform

Oakland at Boston. Eric Byrns hits a foul ball and it almost got me up on my left field camera position at Fenway Park.

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Ball hits my lens at Fenway Park

I have waited my entire television career for this to happen, and I did not think it would. But it did and the ball did not break the lens. Manny Ramirez pulled the ball right up to my camera platform and the baseball hit the shroud the surrounded the outer element of glass on a […]

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