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Blogging from the Summit of Mount Washington and Documenting Extreme Weather with Heated Camera Enclosures

I am typing this inside a steel and concrete re-enforced building. All I can hear is the howling of the wind outside and the pop of rebar contracting from inside the bowels of the bunker-like structure. The temperature outside is 6 degrees F and the windchill is -25 at 60 miles per hour sustained. I […]

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Monster Hunter – Short Film Shot on Sony PMW-F3 with S-Log

The Monster Hunter Short Film Behind the Scenes of Monster Hunter Video Blog Making movies. I’m sure all who read this blog loved doing it when they were kids. No script, just a crazy idea and a bunch of insane imaginations. Grab a camera and start shooting. No lighting, bad acting, horrible shot sequencing, crash […]

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Using GoPro Cameras on Live Multi-Camera Remote Broadcasts

EDIT: Do not build your own 12 volt USB power adapter for the GoPro. The power requirements are 5 volts, 500-1000 milliamps which is what almost all cell phone chargers put out. If you send 12 volts to a GoPro it will do damage! GoPro Heros. Amazing little cameras. For under $300 you get a […]

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Prospect Hill – Come Alive – Music Video Shot on Master Cinema Series Rig

Two weeks ago, I was hired by director and friend Torey Champagne to direct the photography on my third music video shot with Canon 5dmk2 DSLRs. The band was Prospect Hill and they were preforming their new single, “Come Alive”. These guys have a new album coming out and they are from New England. Torey […]

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The Shane Hurlbut Letus Master Cinema Series

Shane Hurlbut, ASC – Letus Master Cinema Series Launch Video Blog Ethics Notice: Letus paid my expenses and invited me to the Los Angeles Launch Party so that I could document the event for my blog. I am not being compensated for the shooting, editing or writing of this blog. I was sent home with […]

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My History of Sports Television and What Has Changed

“You have the best job in the world”. That is what people say to me when they see me manning my post at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. This is how I reply, “Shooting a Red Sox game day after day was like an artist being forced to paint the same exact picture over and […]

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Kessler Timefest 2011 – Behind the Scenes of the TimeScapes Film

A few weeks ago a group of “film buddies” from around the United States got together and spent a few days shooting remote locations in beautiful Northern California’s raw landscape. I was lucky enough to be invited on this trip and got to hang out with some of the best photographers in the business. The […]

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Sox For Life – NESN Ad Campagn & more from Fenway Park

This blog has a bunch of random stuff in it. But the common thread is the Boston Red Sox. I am sitting in the press room at Fenway Park on my lunch break and decided to write a quick blog. I have been working this summer on an ad campaign with the Red Sox. It […]

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Claymore Challenge Freestyle Mountain Biking Shot with Phantom Flex

This past weekend, I got my hands on the Phantom Flex again to shoot an insane competition up in Northfield, New Hampshire. Every summer, professional freestyle mountain bikers from all over the world meet up to hit the Slope Style course at Highland Bike Park. These guys are willing to try anything and I decided […]

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The Phantom Experiment

First of all, please do not try anything you see in the video above at home. We took precautions while shooting the more dangerous Phantom experiments. We made sure people were at a safe distance, we had fire extinguishers and the camera was protected by Lexan blast shields. I was hired by Cox Communications in […]

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The Ultimate Pizza Delivery to a Place with the World’s Worst Weather

I got a phone call asking if I would go up New England’s tallest peak with my cameras to document a pizza delivery. The location, Mt Washington (elevation 6,288 feet above sea level) and the pizza delivery, Rustic Crust and American Flatbread. The means of transportation was a Bombardier Snow Cat. Gusty 50 plus mile […]

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Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex

Violating the laws of nature. Playing God. Capturing stuff we are not supposed to see. Potentially opening up a wormhole in the fabric of time. These are a few of the things I think about while shooting with a Phantom High Speed Digital Cinema camera. The above video is a bunch of test footage I […]

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