Bill here. I recently completed a second music video shot on Canon DSLRs. There were two cameras used in this production. A Canon T2i is used for all of the day footage and the night scenes were all shot using the 5Dmk2. Nothing much was shot at a stop other than ƒ1.2 or ƒ1.4. For the day shots this was to get a shallow DOF. For the night it was absolutely vital as there was almost no electric lighting used- I used moonlight, campfire and a flashlight or two to light just about everything. Also amazing to me is that the night scenes were shot at only 1600 ISO. Almost no light and almost no noise!

I also used my homemade dolly (link) for a few shots which worked pretty well. It was very smooth and easy to work with, though I could have used a better tripod.

This video was almost a ZERO budget project. There were no location fees. No rental fees. No catering costs. No actors to pay. No wardrobe or props to buy. The only costs were two new pieces of PVC pipe ($10 which will be used again and again) and one of the lantern/flashlights ($25 which I keep in my car now and is very handy to have!). Everything else was borrowed or owned.

I was the only person on crew. I carried all the gear and set up everything. I also handled all of the direction and logistics. I kept track of the shot lists and tried to keep on schedule. To be honest, I was overwhelmed at times that night because it was a lot to deal with on a very cold night. No one wanted to be outside very much be we did it and had some fun. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, technical or otherwise, in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you quickly.

Finally, a little bit about the concept. It’s supposed to sort of leave you scratching your head at the end. Partly, this is to make you want to watch it again. And partly because we (the band and I) didn’t want it to be heavy handed. We liked the idea of the viewer sort of being lost along with the protagonist. Without further ado…