camera mount

I will be testing a demo version of the ContourHD “wearable” HD video camera. But I have not received it yet from the company. I have a shoot this weekend with a World Cup downhill mountain biker. So I had to come up with something!

I am going to be the “chase bike”. I will be trying very hard to keep up with a fast mountain biker as he rips down a mountain.

I wanted to mount my 5Dmk2 digital SLR to an old motocross helmet, so I did. I used corner brace metal as the mount and just bolted them to the helmet. I decided that a counter balance was necessary since the camera was a bit heavy. I used an old, dead Anton Bauer Hytron 50 camera battery.

I first tried a 24mm f2.8 Canon lens on the 5Dmk2. I found this was not quite wide enough. I next tried a 16mm Nikon (with Canon EOS to Nikon adapter ring) f2.8 fisheye. This worked great. Take a look at the video link at the bottom of the page for a test of the system.

The light was fading and I just managed to get this done late this afternoon. I hope to test this more on Thursday at the mountain in much better light. I will also experiment with higher shutter and closing the aperture on the fish eye for a deeper DOF.

single track

my mt bike

very high ISO

Watch a short little video I put together as a test of the expensive and heavy 5Dmk2 POV camera. I am working out the bugs for the big mtb film session this weekend.

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