Last Friday night I shot from 7pm to 5am in Worcester, Massachusetts with the Canon 5dmk2. I was working on a music video and shooting it guerrilla film style in available light. I used a Glidecam and shot most of it handheld. This production was heavily preplanned and we had full cooperation of the city and the cops who patrol the streets. We also were able to shoot in Union Train Station which was a beautiful marble building in the heart of Worcester. We even had a production trailer with a generator! Great stuff for an indy music video.

If you read this blog, you will know that I had a few problems with three dead/hot pixels on the Canon image sensor. You can read all about it by clicking here.

The guys in post have been busy logging footage and they have released a quick preview of the new video for a breakout Boston band who call themselves, “Sleep Alive”. This track is titled, “Put it on my tab”.

This video was shot with the Canon 5dmk2 camera and as you can see, the hot red pixel at the top of the fame has been cropped out. The final video will be presented in 1080p in the super wide 2.39:1 theatrical format.

I am posting this blog entry on my Blackberry whilst I set up my camp in the mountains. I will be shooting stock footage for Digital Juice’s new HD library in the remote Northeast for the next three days. Good thing there is a full moon tonight.

Here is the Youtube video embed:

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO IS READY: click here to watch it.

I will be posting more from this band as the footage (and a behind the scenes doc) becomes available to the public. Enjoy!

Sleep Alive
For info, music, show dates, and more visit SLEEP ALIVE on myspace and facebook.