Blog War - Bloom Overboard

Foolish I know, this blog war. It is a real waste of talent and resources. But it is fun and entertaining too.

I have been on the road with a bunch of Kessler gear and I have shot a ton of cool stuff in the Pacific Northwest. Exciting content like the Pacific coastline, the California Redwoods, a gorge covered in lush ferns, a short subject on a guy named Harvey who works with wood and I even spend the day shooting a Banana slug with a macro lens.

I will eventually edit those videos and post them to my site. But this trip has been half driving and half film making, so the edit time got put off. This was my vacation so I had to have a little fun too!

Blog War - Bloom Overboard

But, all my spare time has been spent defending myself from Philip Bloom. You know, the guy who put poison in my beverage during that Eric Kessler fishing trip in Key West Florida!?

So this is my move, my left hook back at Sir Philip. I decided to continue with the boating theme for this battle.

Blog War - Bloom Overboard
Blog War - Bloom Overboard
Blog War - Bloom Overboard

I spend the last few days with Paul and Marnie Reynolds, their kids… hey Garret… in Oregon white water rafting the McKenzie and Deschutes Rivers. These guys own a rafting outfitter company called Wild Water Adventures. If you are ever in Oregon and want to have a good time, look these guys up. They are fun to be in a raft with and have plenty of skill to keep you alive! At least anyone NOT with the name Philip Bloom.

Enjoy the video! I’m looking forward to Philip’s next move. He does not have a sense of humor, but I think he might find this entertaining. See you next Tuesday Philip, or at your Boston meetup, whichever comes first.

Just a little side note, the audio in my interview was done inside the Canon 5dmk2 using the 1/8 inch microphone jack on the side of the DSLR. I did not use a separate sound recorder like the Zoom H4 and then link the video with audio in post.

People think the audio circuitry is useless in the 5dmk2, but I am not thinking it is so bad anymore.

I really like the Sony wireless system UWP-V1. Click on the BH video banner on the upper right of this page and search for the gear. It works very well with the 5Dmk2.

Paul and I used Fuji point/shoot and GoPro Hero HD cameras for the underwater footy.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be renting a Trek Session 88 Downhill Mt. Bike. Yes, I am at Whistler mountain in British Columbia Canada. I am meeting up with the guys at Faultline TV, a small BC based production company that shoots MTB films. Looking forward to riding the same trails that I have watched to pros pin in many bike movies.

Don’t expect me to be shooting any movies myself up here, I came to ride!