Getting ready to rig a couple of Z90’s for an interior shot of the “flux capacitor” in the replica Delorean built by Eric Sellin. Eric built the replica to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s. It can be rented by the day or people can have their pictures taken with the car for a small donation. My client rented it for use in a “Back to the Future…again” corporate internal sales video.

Here is a shot of a lab before adding color to the lab table with Zylight’s Z90’s. You can see a Z90 in the background adding some lavender to the shot while I was setting lights for this setup. You can see the difference in the next picture.

CU of the lab equipment with Zylight color!

A wide shot of the same lab equipment with a little daylight added to make it a little less stylized. Just add lab technicians and shoot the scene. I just plugged in three Z90’s and set them down on the lab table out of frame hitting the glassware. The old school way was to add food coloring and back light the glass containers.

Z90 rigged in a ventilation hood using a mafer and D-Pro’s Xtender arm.

Here is the same shot with Z90’s adding color. I just placed the Z90’s on the lab table hidden from the camera.

A Z90 on an arm above and two on the table behind the lab equipment bring life to an otherwise boring lab scene. This required three Z90’s and one Kino diva 400. Traditional tungsten fixtures would have required cheating the unit away from the wall, more than 90 watts and a palette of theatrical gel to audition to the DP for approval. Here the Z90’s were placed directly into the back of the unit and the DP could adjust the color wirelessly.

No time to set a stand, but plenty of time to add production value with the Z90 to this tablet making machine. A white powder was compacted into tablets and sent down a stainless steel shoot into a stainless container. The blue from the Zylight added a high tech look to the process.

Zylight is the leader in intelligent LED lighting products. We have the world’s best user interface and compact RGB LED….the Z90.

I think the plate says it all…..that’s a wrap! This car drives around the country raising money for a good cause….keep your eyes peeled. Safe travels to Doc and Marty!

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