A guy I work with just emailed me the YouTube link to a piece of video that made it to the airwaves…by mistake. I was running the 90 frame per second HD super-mo camera on the right side during this game because the Canadians put their own guy in my usual left side hand-held camera pit.

I can hear everything the announcers, Jack and Brick, say in my intercom headset. I remember laughing out loud.

If you have ever wondered what happens during the commercial break in sports television, this pretty much sums it up. There is an F-Bomb in the clip at the end, so be advised. This video could also be pulled at anytime, so enjoy it while you can!

During the commercial break the producer and director, in the television truck, show the two announcers upstairs in the booth replays and other content. When we return from the break, the announcers are ready to talk about the graphic or video.

Sometimes the audio guy leaves the mics open and sometimes he does not. When the mics are closed, the announcers can talk directly and only to the truck (through their headsets) by pushing a talk-back button. Most of the time, the talk-back button is only used during the game. It is also called a cough-button and the talent can press it to “cough on the truck” and not on the air. This button comes in handy, but most of the time when in commercial, the guys just speak freely with mics open to the truck and satellite/transmission services beyond.

But sometimes a TV station (or satellite provider) getting this feed forgets to go to commercial and what you are about to watch ends up on the air and inside people’s living rooms!

Since this happened, everyone is much more careful. Here is the video…


For more information on how a television station “goes to commercial” check out this link.