As many of you may know, I am working on a bike film featuring local athletes from around New England. The film is called “Missing Link“. My partner on the project is Nick Keating and we will be ramping up production this spring and summer.

A few months ago, I shot some footage for the film with my Sony F800 XDCAM. The footage looks amazing off this camera and it should with a $40,000 price tag! Along with the broadcast rig, I used a super sharp Fujinon ZA17x7.6 BERM HDTV zoom lens.

I hiked the camera and a Vinten Vision 10 AS tripod up a small hill in New Hampshire and worked with the two riders to document the day. I placed wireless microphones on the riders, on the bikes and buried in the trail. This race run was an experiment for everyone involved and I want to thank the people who helped us that day.

Later that night, I pulled out the Canon 5dmk2 with a 24mm f1.4L lens and shot a night session. This shoot was just a test to see how the 1000 watt generator and two 500 watt halogen lights worked deep in the woods. We plan to go much bigger this spring.

Music by: Pretty Lights – Let The World Hurry By