I have been very busy with my television work lately and when I’m not shooting for broadcast, I am up in the mountains shooting astro-timelapses. I just wanted to post something new to my site because it has been a little while since my last post! I shot the picture above yesterday afternoon on the Swift River in New Hampshire with the Canon 5Dmk2. Awesome light at 4:30pm in the afternoon!

kanc highway


I fired off a few more shots with the Canon 5dmk2. A few of these are still images from a astro-timelapse I shot two nights ago. This really is an amazing camera.

I am working all the home Bruins hockey games this winter and also sneaking off to shoot a documentary in Florida the first week of December. I will be working on another documentary that will take me all over the country during the next two months and I will blog as I work in different cities. Perhaps, if I have time, I can meet up with a few of you who follow my blog.

the instigators

If you live in the New England area, tune into the New England Sports Network and check out the promos I shot for the hockey show, “The Instigators”. I used the Sony PMW-EX1 and Letus Ultimate to shoot a bunch of childhood pranks the TV show hosts played on each other. I hope to get some of this on my website soon. The promos are running around the clock during commercial breaks.

my dad

In other news, my parents moved to Arizona a few months back and they really want me to visit them! My Dad, in the picture above, is enjoying his “Arizona Freedom” with his Harley and some sort of assault rifle. He use to be a cop, but I think he is taking his retirement way too far! ;-) My parents also have my dog, Zac, and I miss him a ton. I am going to try to get out there mid December and I will be bringing my Canon 5dmk2 camera to shoot a few astro-timelapses. I will post these directly to my website since they will not be part of the night time lapse project I am working on. That big project won’t be ready until next year.


I will also be pulling the trigger on a $60,000 camera package. I am still not certain if I will go RED ONE or Sony PDW-f800. I am leaning towards the Sony f800 and will post a blog on the strengths and weakness of both. I really could use your help on what I should buy. Your opinion could help sway my decision.

I will be shooting more with the RED ONE in the up coming months. I am going to be shooting snowboarding in New Hampshire at 120 FPS and hope to shoot some winter storm stock footage at 4k.

I am already planning a trip (vacation) this summer to the Vancouver area to downhill mountain bike Whistler B.C. I have always wanted to get out that way and I am putting time away to do it.

ex3 on steroids

Finally, I have a few blogs that I keep promising all of you. I have all the pieces and I just need to sit down and put them all together. I have a blog half done talking about the new Cox Communications “HD Sprinter” remote television truck. This truck is using Sony PMW-EX3 cameras and Nipros fiber optic adapters to cover sports with multiple cameras in HD. Yes, that is a $50,000 Fujinon 42x 2/3 inch TV lens being mounted to an EX3 in the above picture!

I also need to post a blog about the current state of live sports television and the new MSG TV New York NHL hockey truck. I have a big blog I need to do about the RED ONE camera and the 4k workflow with Adobe Premiere. Plus a ton of you are asking for details on the dolly that I use. I must take pictures of that to help you all build your very own!


My house at the top of the mountain. I am writing this blog from inside! The genny is almost out of gas and the batteries are dead since the solar panels don’t work anymore. I will have to replace them at some point. The satellite internet connection is spotty because the wind is howling outside. I wish this place had a bathroom. ;-)


I have been enjoying my days off! Taking pictures of my hand reflecting in a small pool of water trapped in a rotten hole of a tree in the middle of nowhere. Now where did I put my mountain bike?


It is also looking good that I will be at NAB 2010 this April. I am really looking forward to this, I had so much fun last year and made a lot of new friends in the television business.

That is about it. Sorry that I have not kept this page updated. It is a lot of work. I just got around to answering 58 emails I have received through my website during the month of October. I hope some of the stuff I know can help you make better television and films. That is really why I spend my free time working on this website.