I have a RED ONE for the weekend and I have been shooting non-stop since I got it. The sensor is heating up as I rip through 120 frames per second at 2k resolution. I tired to shoot 4.5k, but the RED hard drive wont support it!

I will be shooting a skateboarding short Sunday and Monday in Boston using the RED at 120FPS, my Sony PMW-EX1 shooting sitdown interviews and the Canon 5dmk2 as a specialty camera. Right now, I need sleep. The RED batteries are charging and the sensor is cooling down.

Take a look at a clip from tonight’s Boston University hockey game shot at 120 FPS. I used an old Nikon 105mm f2.5 lens and my Vinten Vision 10 AS tripod. It is much easier following the action with the RED bomb viewfinder mounted to the camera. I was running the RED rig without a follow focus, used only prime lenses and was alone. Quite a challenge following that hockey puck!

Some footy from the skate shoot:

Shot at sunset with a 16mm, 55mm and 105mm Nikon Nikkor manual lens at 120FPS. Um, no matte box or filters!


Rendered from 120 FPS 2k 2:1 using RED ALERT to a tiny 1280×640 .MP4 for the web (will play much smoother)

  Hockey Test Clip (6.3 MiB, 283 hits)

  Boston Skateboarding Clip (7.2 MiB, 304 hits)

  Sunset Walk on Frozen Lake (24.6 MiB, 288 hits)

I will post RAW files in my next RED ONE blog post in the near future.