On Friday May 30, 2008, my buddy Dave and I drove to Benton, New Hampshire to hike Mount Moosilauke.

Moosilauke was thought to be derived from Native American words that translated to, “A Bald Place”. The summit of the 4, 802 foot high mountain was wind blown, void of trees and offered 360 degree views of the surrounding land. The famed Appalachian Trail crossed over the summit.

We began our adventure from the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge and headed up the Gorge Brook Trail. The weather was very clam and the temperature was a comfortable 65 degrees.

I hiked my Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM HD camcorder with the Letus Extreme and my Vinten Vision 3 tripod up the rocky trail and documented out adventure as we traveled.

The day went very well. We used a SteriPen to eradicate the bacteria in mountain runoff using ultra violet light, we got some footage of a forest fire and we were rewarded with crystal clear visibility at the summit.

I had four lenses with me. A Nikon 200mm f3.5, a Nikon 24mm f2.8, a Nikon 55mm f2.8 macro and a Sigma 18mm f3.5 wide angle.

I shot this entire project in 720p 24p. This was my first film to be shot at this frame rate. I used polarizing filters and a gradient filter on my film lenses.

I inter cut a few digital photos I took on November 17, 2007 from iced up Mount Moosilauke. The camera I used back then was a Kodak v705 point and shoot. I was able to pan across one shot in post with Final Cut Pro since I took a panoramic super wide exposure.

I set the EX1 camera picture profile to “Cine2” and set the HiSAT to +99 for a lot of in camera saturation. Absolutely nothing was done to any of these images in post. What you see is what the camera created.

Dave shot some behind the scenes footage the I will soon edit into a video blog. Keep an eye on this website for more information.

TRT: 8 minutes and 58 seconds.
File size: 204.69 MB
Type: Quicktime mpeg4 720p HDTV

Please allow time for the video to download. This is a very large HD file.

Production Credits

Shot, Written, Narrated and Edited by:
Tom Guilmette

Special Thanks To:
Dave Hand