I am visiting the folks at Kessler Crane headquarters in Plymouth, Indiana to check out some new products they are cooking up. And when I say products, I mean tasty chili.

I brought a Sony F55 into the office to document the 3rd annual Kessler Chili Cookoff. I captured some of the interesting people who work at Kessler to help create the cranes, sliders and motion control systems that put this small town on the map.


Two years ago, an Indiana native won the award for the best Chili. His name is Jason Woodward or Woodford (not sure) and he is an engineer at Kessler Crane.


Last year, the new guy from Philly pulled the table cloth from under the slow cooker and took the prize. Jon Connor was the underdog, but somehow he beat Woodford. And beat him with an untraditional mushroom chili.

Some say Connor bought the votes, others say that the rare “magic” mushrooms he used were vote altering.

Taken from the official Jasonwoodford.com Press release:

“The Jon Connor mushroom disrupts how nerve cells and the neurotransmitter serotonin interact throughout the brain and spinal cord. By changing the normal functioning of serotonin in the Kessler Crane Employee’s brain, his ‘magic’ mushrooms distort the way the people process information and make them use poor judgement in a Chili competition.” – Jason Woodford, February 28, 2013

Check out the video from the Kessler University blog post above to find out who won this year.



I shot the Chili contest off the shoulder using the Sony F55 with a PL to B4 adapter so I could use a Fujinon HA13x4.5 TV zoom lens. I recorded to SxS cards in XAVC 2048x1080p at 24p and set the camera to s-log2. I exported the project in 1080p, cropping a bit of the sides of the original 2k footage. I did not grade the footage at all. The audio was captured using a shotgun mic mounted to the top of the camera.

Big thanks to Preston for last year’s Chili footage. Thanks to all the people at Kessler who helped make this video possible… Jon C, Joel, Cristina, Olivia, Bruiser, Eric, Chris, Nate, Warehouse Jon, Caleb, Dave, Kevin, Jason and many more!