I am working on a mountain biking film shot mostly in New Hampshire using high speed cameras. I was inspired by the guys at “Life Cycles” and their artistic style they bring to biking films. I have been granted the opportunity to use Fastec Imaging HiSpec high speed cameras and a Phantom HD GOLD to capture New England riding for an upcoming film called, “The Missing Link”.

Shot with Kessler Gear

Nick Keating and I are currently in production on this film shooting at Highland Mountain Biking Park in Northfield, New Hampshire. I am also shooting at Attitash Mountain in Bartlett, New Hampshire. We are working with local riders on this project and hope to have it completed early 2011.

More information to come, but check out the trailer at the top of this page. Special thanks to Dave Hand and family for giving me a place to sleep at night while shooting in the mountains! Big thanks to Matt at Fastec Imaging, Eric at Kessler Crane and Mike at Rule Boston Camera for equipment support. Also, thank you “Spunky” for your voice on the trailer.